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Rebekah Lee Jenkins grew up on the “Buckley farm”, in Souris, Manitoba. Both “Hope in Oakland” and “The Night They Came For Til” are set in her home town. Both books are based on true Manitoba and Canadian events involving the suffrage movement. Rebekah published The Night They Came For Til in June of 2017. She published Hope in Oakland in June of 2018.

Thrilled to be the first writer in resident at Margaret Laurence House in Neepawa in 2017, she finished the first draft of Hope in Oakland there.

Her next book, Taking Til, the third book in the Oakland Series, will release in 2019.

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No war is waged without violence.

Ten years of intense training at her aunt’s side have taught Shannon much more than how to be a midwife. She’s seen first-hand how dangerous fighting for women’s rights and access to birth control can be.

A brutal attack destroys much of their hard work and results in her aunt’s incarceration. To avoid further scandal, her uncle ships Shannon off to Canada where she’ll be safe.

They are wrong.

In Oakland, Manitoba, Shannon lands in the midst of a new fight. She has a choice: stay safe or help a whole new community of women find their voice.

She chooses to fight.

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Lose a battle. Win the war.

Cora Rood, Canada’s first female lawyer and prominent suffragette, gets handed an impossible case. Represent Adeline Pitman in divorce court. Any lawyer who dares stand up to Toronto’s most notorious crime boss, Eli Pitman, ends up dead.

Faced with no other alternative, Cora tries and fails. Threats and intimidation drive her home to where she’s presented with yet another heart-wrenching divorce case.

Defeated and disillusioned, she refuses to be dragged back to the front lines of the battle for equality. In 1904, the stakes are too high; she cannot watch the courts destroy another woman.

As the clock ticks and a life hangs in the balance, the community of Oakland, Manitoba comes together to help Cora recover her true purpose in life.

If there is a spark of hope in Oakland that will heal Cora, they are determined to fan the flame. The women’s rights movement and the desperate need to obliterate a shocking double standard in Canadian court depends on one woman recovering her voice — and raising it.

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